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Education Support

Heart to Heart International is committed to building comprehensive education environment in which children with visual impairment are given the optimum chance to experience the joy of learning, discover their unique talent, and realize their greatest potential. By establishing educational infrastructure and increasing education technology and services, tailored to their needs, we are strengthening accessibility and developing building blocks for future academic success.

1Education Infrastructure

Heart to Heart International is engaged in reconstruction of safe and accessible libraries for the students with visual impairment in the schools for the blind across the country.

  • Library Construction

    • Building libraries in the schools for the blind
    • Renovation of facilities, increased physical accessibility, age appropriate service areas
    • Establishing library management system and support for assistive technology
  • Special Books

    • Production braille, audio, and tactile books in various subjects
    • Distribution of the special books in special libraries and schools and public libraries

2Education Service

Heart to Heart International offers various education programs customized to the needs of the children with visual impairments in the areas of life skills, career development and academic programs.

  • Library Program

    • Development of library reading programs through research with academia
    • Support for operation of library programs in the various areas of career aptitude and life skills
    • Book concerts with musical and classical music performances to enhance love of reading
  • Career Exploration Experience

    • “Career Exploration Day” for the students with visual impairment in safe environment

3Capacity Development

Heart to Heart International supports development of young students with visual impairment from across the country to continue higher education. Our scholarship and assistive technology support enables the young students to make a successful transition to college and to facilitate career development.

  • Scholarship

    • Scholarship support for college students with visual impairment in cooperation with National Center for Special Education
  • Assistive Technology

    • Assistive technology devices support in the areas of portable reading magnifier and audio computer devices