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Music Education

Heart to Heart International offers multi-faceted opportunities for young musicians with development disabilities who have high aspirations in music. Diverse support for professional music education and career development programs including scholarship and debut recitals are is available for talented musicians.

1Music Education

Based on 30 years of experience and resources in education for developmental disabilities, Heart to Heart International provides innovative and systematic education tailored to the needs of the young musicians with developmental disabilities. Through participation in the program, young musicians discover talent for music, strengthen their music skills, and find mentors among the top musicians and expand their horizon.

  • Orchestra Education

    • Intensive group music education to improve instrumental skills and sociality
  • Heart Summer Camp

    • Group music education, instrumental lessons, master class
    • Academic programs
    • Orchestra practice
    • Music festival and recitals
  • Heart Music Academy

    • Instrumental lessons for beginners
    • Basic music education

2Emerging Musicians Program

This comprehensive program offers all around support to the talented musicians with development disabilities who aspire to be a soloist musician. The in-depth advance support includes instrument and scholarship, recital with mentor musicians, and career development program.

  • Music Advancement Programs for Soloists

    • College and career counseling
    • Support for music competition
    • Solo performance with professional orchestras
    • Scholarships and master class
    • Instrument support
  • Recital for Young Musicians

    • Debut recital at Heart Recital Hall
    • Collaboration with internationally acclaimed musicians