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Cultural Welfare Network

1Empowerment of Disability Advocate Instructors with Disability

Heart to Heart International promotes use of arts and music in empowerment and social integration of people with disabilities. In partnership with local welfare centers for the disabled, Heart to Heart International supports music education and career opportunities for young people with developmental disabilities as disability awareness education instructors in the community.

Current Employment Rate is Average 60.1%, Disabled Average 35.5%, Development Disabled 21.6%. 2001 Disabled Survey Statistics by Statistics Korea(Korea Monthly Statistics Survey, May 2011) Employment Statistics for Employed Disabled is Average Mothly Wage(KRW 10,000) Intellectual  Disability 54, Autistic Disability 38, Total Disabled 142, Average Employment Period(Month) Intellectual Disability 38, Autistic Disability 11, Total Disabled 112
  • Empowerment

    • Support for skills development of young people with developmental disabilities at the local welfare centers for the disabled
    • Training in various performing art such as classical music, choir, ukulele, and Nanta
  • Disability Awareness Activities

    • Self-advocacy focused disability awareness education in local communities with performance of the disability advocate instructors with disability
    • New career development opportunity for the instructors with disability
    • Awareness education contents and manual development along with diversified local flavor in the contents

2Group Music Activities

In order to expand learning opportunities for art and cultural experience and to strengthen the family bonding, various group music activities are offered to young children with developmental disabilities and their families.

  • Group Music Activities

    • Offers quality music and cultural education in diverse genres of music and performing art
    • Support for participation in regional festivals and performing opportunities
  • Family Group Music Activities

    • Family based group music activities
    • Support for cultural programs and excursion
    • Consulting and network