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With pain of the Killing field, Cambodia is one of low-income countries with its GDP per capita is less than $1200(IMF, 2016), and still in need of sustainable improvement of basic infrastructure in health service in spite of being supported by several aid organization in order to achieve MDGs and SDGs.


캄보디아 안보건 체계구축 강화 사업 관련 이미지

Project Title :
Eye Health Improvement Project in Siem ReapOngoing
Project Duration :
Jul 2011 -
Project Summary :

Heart to Heart International has been providing comprehensive eye surgeries and treatments centered around the pediatric eye clinic which we supported to establish at Angkor Hospital for Children for the children in danger of vision loss. In addition, Eye health promotion program has been ongoing through the close cooperation with Provincial Health Department of Siem Reap for the sustainable eye health system strengthening based in the community.

  • ㆍProviding primary eye care service to the community residents through the primary and secondary eye health system strengthening
  • ㆍEstablished pediatric eye clinic at the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap
  • ㆍProviding high quality eye care service centered around the Siem Reap Provincial Hospital and Angkor Hospital for Children
  • ㆍEngaging in the eye health policy dialogue in cooperation with Public-Private Partnership

캄보디아 빈곤아동 의료지원 사업 관련 이미지

Project Title :
Pediatric health care service for Cambodia childrenEnded
Project Duration :
Feb 2006 - Dec 2013
Project Summary :

Heart to Heart International has been working in the partnership with the local NGO hospital, Angkor Hospital for Children, for the children living in the vulnerable hygiene environment and health system in order to provide high quality pediatric medical services.

  • ㆍProviding pediatric cardiac surgery
  • ㆍSupport to nursing students training
  • ㆍProviding surgical service to children with urinary diseases
  • ㆍProviding home care service for children with chronic diseases
Cambodia Bangladesh Philippines Mongolia Thailand Malawi Burundi Tanzania