International Development

Solar Lamp

One out of every four people does not have access to electricity around the world. Poor source of light such as candle sticks and kerosene lamp elevates a risk of disease and accidents and limits quality hours of living and learning. This environment entraps people in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Heart to Heart International provides rechargeable eco-friendly solar lamps to the communities without electricity in the developing countries. The solar lamps are semi-permanent with rechargeable batteries and have no risk for fire and accident. With the solar lamp in household, our neighbors have experienced dramatically improved quality of life. The lamp drastically increased economic, living, and education activity hours and decreased danger of accident and illness, ultimately contributing to poverty eradication.

Total : 38 countries | 7,096 lamps

Solar Lamp Business countries

Asia Africa Others
Nepal, Loas, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Japan, China,
Thailand, Philippines
Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi, Burkina Paso, Senegal, Algeri, Uganda, Ethiopia, Chad,
Tanzania, Kenya
Jordan, Kazakhstan, Dominican Republic,
Haiti, others
  • Expand Education Hours

    • Increased study hours
  • Increased Economic Activities

    • Improved household income
  • Improved Health Condition

    • Prevention of respiratory and eye disease caused by kerosene
    • Prevention of fire and burn
  • Environmentally Friendly

    • Reduced fossil fuel use