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Heart Disability Awareness Education

Heart to Heart Foundation has developed disability awareness education program to promote basic knowledge on development disability and to encourage positive understanding and social interactions. The education program is age appropriately designed to serve diverse groups of audiences from young children to adults. The Heart Disability Awareness Education has particularly focused on the self-advocacy and participation of the young people with disabilities as awareness educators.

The Heart Disability Awareness Education model has been developed based on the Awareness, Acceptance, and Attitude (AAA) principles in partnership with Seoul National University Special Education Center. In the education session, the audiences are guided through a performance of the self-advocating young people with development disabilities and a series of self-reflective exercises focusing AAA principles on their tendencies toward disability stigma, and exploring more compassionate and functional alternatives.

Disability Awareness Education 3A Model (Developed in partnership with Seoul National University Special Education Center, 2015)

Self-Advocacy : Nothing About Us, Without Us, Awareness Changes in disability awareness based on social model > Acceptance Understanding and acceptance based on diversity > Attitude Attitude change based on empathy and consideration

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