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Simon who attends San Roque Elementary School in the Philippines is living with his grandmother and uncle.
Simon’s parents got divorced when he was born. Ever since, his father never came to see him.
Being raised up by his grandmotherhe often grieved the arms of his parents, but Simon never lost his smile and always had a heart for her.

One afternoon after school was over,
Simon was home alone because his grandmother and uncle were out working.
From that day Simon starting drawing while waiting for them..
Won’t you think he started drawing so hewouldn’t feel lonely and empty?
At some point drawing became Simon’s favorite thing to do.

Seeing how much Simon loves to draw, his uncle wanted to buy a set of colorful crayons, however it was hard due to working on the boat all the day long.
However thanks to afterschool activities Simon is able to take art classes, which made his uncle feel less sorry for his nephew.
After classes Simon is allowed to draw as much as he wants. He looks forward to his art classes which are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Lately, Simon has fallen in love with drawing the ocean. Drawing about the imagination of what sort of fish lives inside the ocean where his uncle works on a boat, he cannot feel how fast time runs by.

For Simon, he dreams of being an artist who can draw whatever he wants, but he is still lacking in knowing how to use various art tools. However he wants to practice every day so that he can soon showcase wonderful ocean scenery to his family.