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Heart to Heart International CIrepresents the vision of Heart to Heart International that is to create a bright and hopeful inclusive community for all by bringing people's hearts together


더불어함께 하트하트재단 (Variation 한글), 더불어함께 하트하트재단 since 1988 (Basic 한글)


together with Heart to Heart Foundation (Variation 영문), together with Heart to Heart Foundation since 1988 (Basic 영문)


Heart to Heart Orchestra (Variation 브랜드), Heart to Heart Open your eyes (Basic 브랜드)

Color System

Orange : Process Color C3 M75 Y90 K0, RGB Color R245 G65 B17 / Orange : Process Color C4 M44 Y88 K0, RGB Color R244 G139 B26

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