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MESSAGE We are making a society living together through people's mind, the President of Heart to Heart Foundation In-sook Shin


Heart-to-Heart International was founded in 1988 to serve, armed with the love and the spirit of compassion of the God, the underprivileged children and their families suffering from poverty, disability and disease in and out of Korea so that they can build up their potential and eventually all people can live together.

Since its founding, the organization has been promoting 1) cultural welfare programs by providing youths with disabilities or in poverty with systematic music education in orchestra and various cultural activities in Korea, 2) educational welfare programs by giving comprehensive education service to blind children and 3) awareness improvement programs towards the disabled. Particularly, Heart-to-Heart Orchestra, organized in 2006, has grown as the representative consisting of youths with developmental disabilities, being recognized as a role model of cultural welfare.

In addition, it carries out specialized international development cooperation programs such as prevention of blindness by establishing comprehensive and sustainable eye health care system for the residents in developing countries and elimination of infectious disease like trachoma. As a regular member of International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness(IAPB) and an officially registered NGO in UN Department of Public Information(DPI), Heart-to-Heart International has been highly assessed at home and aboard in view of its effectiveness of the programs.

Continued carrying out various programs and the accomplishments in and out of Korea by Heart-to-Heart International are only possible because of the sponsors' supporting us with all the love, devotion and encouragement which we heartily appreciate.

Heart-to-Heart International will continuously carry out sustainable welfare programs, based on the core values of love, respect, and spirit of sharing.

The entire members of the Heart-to-Heart International will work together in unison to build a better world through endless innovation, expertise, transparent and trusty projects operation so that we can live together with the underprivileged people around us.

We look forward to your untiring support and advice.

Thank you.

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