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SLTS(School-Led Total Sanitation) Club Training in Malawi

date:2018-05-30 count:459

Project to Eliminate Trachoma in Machinga District of Malawi 

SLTS(School-Led Total Sanitation) Club Training in Malawi


Heart to Heart International has supported school sanitation club activity for 171 primary schools in Machinga district as a trachoma prevention programme since 2014. Each sanitation club is made up of 20 primary school students. Through the trachoma textbook, they learn background information on trachoma, what it is, a sign, symptoms, transmission, prevention and the actions that students can undertake and disseminate in schools and their surrounding communities to eliminate the disease. 

Mdikira primary School, Students in prevention Training with trachoma prevention book
In 2018, 36 primary school students including Mdikira school have been participating in trachoma prevention training. They gather early in the morning and are educated hard in the classroom.

St.Theresa primary school, Students focusing on the training and learning through a trachoma prevention song

With the book using diagrams and pictures, students can think how to prevent Trachoma at home and school and suggest practical actions to eliminate the disease. In the class, they also discuss with their peers on how to solve issues on taking actions to eliminate Trachoma.

Also, they learn how to wash a face with a soap distributed during the training and prepare activity to prevent Trachoma like songs, plays etc. Therefore, they can deliver Trachoma prevention messages to their friends and community members.     

Mgoza primary School, students listening how to use soap and wash their face

Wataka primary School, Student studying with Trachoma prevention book 




 Mtubwi primary School, group discussion in classroom




Please keep an eye on the efforts of the students of the Malawi Sanitation Club to send a message to friends and local communities about the fight against trachoma through various trachoma prevention activities.