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HEART to HEART CONCERT, the cultural program during Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games

date:2018-03-16 count:379

Heart to Heart Orchestra

the cultural program during Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games





Heart-to-Heart Orchestra participated and conducted impressive performance in the cultural Olympic program of Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games which was organized with the aim that the Olympic game could have culture and be festival to the people in the world.  







Started from Heart brass ensemble at Gangneung Art Center, the concert was with Prof. Seunggong Kang who won the first prize at International Singing Competition Voci Verdiane, Busseto and is doing activities and performances at KBS Open Concert and in the overseas countries. Every song delivered by his sonorous voice was left as big impression in people’s mind. 







There was a welcome guest, Taekyeon Ok of 2PM who is currently serving the military. Sympathizing the meaning of the concert, Taekyeon hosted the concert as confidently as his stunning appearance so that people can feel satisfied in the concert.  







We appreciate the organizing committee of the Olympic for inviting the orchestra, voluntary workers and all of the audience and associates of the event. 


Passion Connected! The music becomes one! We expect remarkable result of the Korean athletes participating in Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games and encourage them!