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The avoidable blindness prevention project with L’Occitane

date:2019-05-20 count:580

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The avoidable blindness prevention project with L’Occitane


The Heart-Heart International, sponsored by the L'Occitane Global Foundation and the L'Occitane Korea, has been working hard to prevent blindness through medical aid including eye examination & treatment to primary school students and teachers training for eye screening in Mtwara, Tanzania, and Machinga, Malawi since August in 2017. 



A child, received eye disease prevention material & a teacher, preparing soap distribution  

Over the past two years with L'Occitane, the total 587 primary school teachers received eye health training including the cause and prevention of eye disease, and 6,735 students received treatment and surgery after eye screening by primary school teachers and ophthalmic medical staffs.  


Children for receiving eye examination




Sumu Abdallah, received a cataract surgery and her mother

Saumu Abdallah, a student in the Dichimba school, Tanzania, who suffered from cataracts but was unable to afford surgery, expressed deep appreciation to L'Occitane and HtHI for recover of her eye health with this supporting, and said that, "My school life has become more enjoyable after getting eye surgery." Furthermore, through this supporting, many students got quality medical services which help to overcome the difficulties they have faced and they can head for their dreams. 

Children who have been prescribed treatment according to the result of examination after checked up 

<From 2017 to 2018, the Heart-Heart International strived for the dreams of Malawi and Tanzania primary school children with L'Occitane, and will work to continue the prevention of eye diseases with primary school for Malawi in 2019. Please keep watching the primary school students of Malawi Machinga district so that they can look at the world with healthy eyes!  


* School-based eye disease and trachoma prevention project in Malawi is supported by L'Occitane to prevent eye disease and trachoma in the Malawi Machinga country and contribute to the prevention of blindness.