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Eye care services for local residents of Cambodia, Mobile Vision Center

date:2019-06-11 count:593


The Heart-Heart international Cambodia has been providing primary eye care services to local residents through Mobile Vision Center activities(MVC activities),

which was beginning from Sotnikum in Siem Reap of Cambodia in February.


The MVC has been a important role of promoting eye health in community through the following activities.






The primary eye care and treatment has been provided to local residents through

MVC activities together with Vision Center nurses who can delivery eye care services.

And if there are residents who are difficult to access the eye care service,

we offer ready-made glasses for patients who have been diagnosed with refractive errors.





 In case patients can not be treated in the MVC, we provide referral service that helps patients to receive proper treatment

at Vision Center or Siem Reap Provincial Hospital which is upper level hospital.

The patients can be supported with transportation, treatment and surgery fee, subsidy on food.





We have distributed eye health advocacy materials to local residents to promote eye health awareness

and prevent an eye disease by themselves.

In addition, We make residents who receive these materials inform their families and neighbors

about eye health information after they return their home.






The Heart-Heart International Cambodia is planning to implement a total of 39 MVC activities in each community this year.

The Heart-Heart International will continue to strive to lower the blindness rate in Cambodi

 and to ensure that community people can have healthy eyes.