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SLTS Orientation and Teachers Training

date:2019-07-29 count:469



The Heart to Heart International(HtHI) Tanzania branch has been working on a projec

 to Prevent Waterborne Diseases through Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Lindi, Tanzania (2019-2021) with KOICA.




Currently, children and local residents in Lindi, Tanzania defecate in the open due to poor sanitation and

lack of hygiene knowledge, and are exposed to waterborne diseases such as diarrhea.


In order to prevent waterborne diseases, HtHI Tanzania branch strives to eradicate open defecation

and improve hygiene practices such as hand washing by providing students with a School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) program

and local residents with diverse education to enhance their awareness and knowledge of hygiene.


On June 24th, HtHI Tanzania branch held a School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) orientation

with stakeholders including Lindi Regional Health Officer,

Regional SWASH Coordinator and Lindi District Health and Education Officers.

A discussion for an effective and efficient SLTS program was actively conducted with a stakeholder orientation.



On July 12-13, we began preparing for hygiene awareness promotion education for primary school students

by providing SLTS education for 72 teachers in 36 schools under the curriculum explained theoretical aspects such as introduction of STS program,

purpose, activities and methods for each stage, and planning and demonstrating SLTS program directly by teachers.



<SLTS training for teachers in the primary schools>











After SLTS orientation and teachers training, 72 teachers from 36 schools go back to their respective schools

and start SLTS program to teach their students to provide their own hygiene and sanitation awareness to local residents.


Please continue supporting so that Tanzania students can change and improve their health behaviors such as eradicating bowel movements and

washing hands through the Heart-Heart International!




*Heart to Heart International has been running Prevent Waterborne Diseases through Water,

Sanitation and Hygiene in Lindi, Tanzania with the support of KOICA.